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Background Investigations refers to the examination and assessment of relevant private and public information. In many cases a background investigation will be conducted as part of a hiring process for employment. Background Investigations can provide general information, such as academic records, criminal history, credit history, and verification of personal references. Some individuals require a deeper probe and will enlist the help of a private investigator to broaden their search to pinpoint details on a person’s life, court rulings, financial records, asset/estate holdings, community associations and social habits. 

Stonehaven: Private Investigations has over 15 years of experience conducting government employment clearance investigations. Stonehaven has incorporated this knowledge of background investigations to provide a customized background investigation to fit your needs and budget. Many companies advertise to do online background checks but many of these results are unconfirmed and not reliable. A comprehensive background investigation would include the following:

  • Character
  • Reputation
  • Biases and Prejudices
  • Financial Responsibility
  • Abuse of alcohol and prescription drugs
  • Illegal drug use
  • Mental health issues
  • Foreign influences
  • Foreign Travel
  • Political affiliations
  • Judgement
  • Trustworthiness and Loyalty
  • Responsibility

The following are some of the background services that Stonehaven: Private Investigations offers:

Employment Background Check


application for employment

Many companies conduct background investigations prior to offering employment to prospective job candidates. Some companies rely on internet-based searches that often come back with inaccurate information. For example, a person can be charged with a serious crime but is awaiting resolution of their case. A general online search will not show the persons arrest until after the case has been adjudicated and recorded. This could be problematic if the person was just arrested for bank fraud and is trying to get a job at a bank. The following case studies provide some examples:

Case Study 1 – Warehouse Job Applicant

Storage Inc. has just posted a warehouse manager position and has narrowed the job down to 2 candidates. The warehouse contains millions of dollars in high value products, so integrity is a major factor in who they choose to hire. Recognizing the potential liability for hiring the wrong person, Storage Inc. hires a private investigation firm to conduct a background investigation. Roger and Jane have been selected as the final two candidates. The background includes a records check of any arrests, criminal convictions, and financial responsibilities. Prior employment is also verified by calling former managers and co-workers. The investigative results of Jane came back with no issues and glowing reviews from former employers. Rogers background investigation came back with several issues of concern. An in-person check at the courts revealed Roger had been arrested for shoplifting 2 months prior and that the case was pending adjudication. Interviews of former co-workers revealed that Roger had been suspected of stealing merchandise at his former employer but had resigned prior to being questioned. The obvious choice in this case was to hire Jane. Had they not conducted a background investigation they could have hired Roger that could have resulted in thousands of dollars in loss due to employee theft.

Case Study 2 – Executive Level Job Applicant

Many companies look outside their organization to hire executive level positions that carry a lot of high-profile exposure and liability. Highrise Inc. is looking to hire a new CFO for their company that is valued at over 3.5 billion dollars. The CFO will be the controller for the company and have complete oversight for all their financial and operating expenses. Jack is one of several final candidates being considered for the position. Jack provided a resume claiming that he graduated with a master’s in accounting from Yale. Jack also stated he was a former Kernel in the US Military having a high-profile position with direct oversight of the military budget and spending. Highrise Inc. requested that a private investigation firm conduct a comprehensive background Investigation for each final candidate. The private investigator was provided a release of information form for each candidate. For Jacks investigation, Yale University was sent a copy of the release form and asked to provide a copy of Jacks academic records. Yale provided records that Jack had attended undergraduate school for business but never completed his degree. Yale also stated that Jack had never been enrolled in the Master of accounting program and had never graduate with any degree from Yale. A request was sent to the US Military asking for past military records to include time in service and job responsibilities while enlisted. The Military responded with a record of Jack showing that he had been an enlisted army reserve private but had been dishonorably discharged after one year for misconduct.  Based on these investigative results, Jack was clearly not selected, and the company avoided a potentially high-profile embarrassment. 


Many companies will look to get into business with other unknown entities. This can include acquisitions, business partners and mergers. Before a business makes a financial agreement, it is always prudent to conduct a business due diligence first so you can gauge the trustworthiness and reputation of whom they are getting into business with. The following case studies provide some examples:

Due Diligence
Case Study 1  Business Due Diligence

ABC Company provides landscaping services and has grown their business to over 200 clients making an annual net of $1.5 million. They are looking to buy another landscaping company (Mowers Inc) who has valued their company at $4 million dollars with an annual net of $1.2 Million. ABC company hires a private investigation firm to conduct a comprehensive due diligence investigation of Mowers Inc prior to signing any contracts. The investigations reveal that the owner of Mower Inc was convicted of tax fraud that involved falsifying customer invoices and fabricated customers profiles. The private Investigator interviewed several individuals who had worked previously with the owner of Mower Inc which revealed this person had a reputation of dishonesty and inflating their accounting to over evaluate his companies. Further investigation revealed 2 prior bankruptcies and over 15 judgements placed against this individual. Based on these findings, ABC company made the decision not to move forward with the acquisition. It was later learned that Mower Inc had sold his business to another company and had falsified his records and value showing the company was only generating $150,000 in annual revenue. Because ABC company used a private investigation company to do a business due diligence background investigation, they were spared on losing hundred of thousands of dollars in a business deal based on fabrications and fraud.

Case Study 2 – Business Partner Due Diligence

John Smith has recently created a software company and was looking to bring on a business partner (Peter Jones). John decided it would be wise to hire a private investigation firm to conduct a background investigation on Peter prior to making any financial commitments. The background Investigation revealed that Peter had just filed his second bankruptcy in the last 10 years. Several of Peters creditors were former business partners that ended up losing millions of dollars with the bankruptcy discharge. Interviews of several past associates of Peter showed that Peter liked to spend more money than he was making. It was also revealed that Peter had a gambling problem that had caused a lot of financial burden (including 3 divorced wives). Based on this background investigation, John was able to make a solid business decision and did not go into business with Peter.

Background investigations are completely discreet, confidential, and professional in helping you get the information you need to make decisions for yourself or your company. Contact Stonehaven: Private Investigations to get a free consultation on your case at 801-613-2174 or visit our website at 

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