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Infidelity Surveillance

No one wants to believe their partner has been unfaithful. However, having a cheating spouse can cause relationships to fail. A Stonehaven Private Investigator can help confirm or disprove your suspicions. We offer GPS tracking services. Sometimes, just knowing the truth helps you to make the best decisions moving forward. 

Alimony & Cohabitation Surveillance

Paying alimony can be very expensive and frustrating if your ex-spouse is found cohabitating with another person. Hiring a Stonehaven Private Investigator can save you thousands of dollars as we prove your cohabitation case. 

Background Checks

Background checks can play a vital role in limiting your exposure or liability. Hiring a Stonehaven Private Investigator can offer those protections to include background checks for businesses, employment, asset searches, and dating profiles.  

Process Server

Serving important legal documents can be a difficult task. Whether they are divorce papers, summons for court, or other important document that need to be delivered in a timely and professional matter. Let us take care of all you Utah Process serving needs. 

Criminal Defense

Stonehaven PI has former experience as a criminal defense investigator with the US Federal Public Defenders Office and has investigated hundreds of criminal cases. Hiring a Salt Lake City Private Investigator will ensure you have the experience necessary to properly defend your case. 



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