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Why hire Private Investigators to Process Service your documents?

Most people do not like court rooms. Some will go to great lengths to avoid having to testify or be involved in any legal proceedings. This is why process service is needed to serve legal documents to individuals who may be trying to avoid going to court. There are several options to choose when you need someone to serve court documents. Local constables are one option but many times these government organizations are overloaded and not always timely in what you may need. In most cases, hiring a private investigator will be your best choice for process service. 


Experience in locating people

One of the main jobs of a private investigator is to track down people, assets and information. This is what private investigators specialize in and they are good at! Sometimes, when someone is expecting to be served a legal document they will hide or go to great lengths to avoid being served. Salt Lake City private investigators know how to conduct surveillance, utilize resources in locating individuals to successfully process serve any individual. 

Ability to Blend In

Another skill that Salt Lake City private investigators have is the art of being inconspicuous. Process Service may require covert surveillance and timing to ensure the individual is found and served. When following an individual a private investigator needs to go unnoticed until the moment they serve the document. Professional private investigators have the knowledge and professional skill to handle your process service needs. 

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Our Standard Rates Covering Salt Lake and Utah Counties

Utah Process Server: Standard Rates

Prices starting at


First Attempt within 3 days

Completion within 30 days

Utah Process Server: Rush Rates

Additional expense of:


Same day first attempt

Completion within 5 days

For any other special handling requests (including delivery to other Utah Counties) please contact us for additional costs.

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